Technical Info


Place the candy floss machine and cart in a dry, level position.

Fit the floss bowl by pressing it down and turning it to lock it into the locking fittings underneath.( It is normally already fitted)

Fill the spinning head (bowl in the centre of the flossing bowl) with the sugar. Approx 4oz, to make 2 servings .

Turn the spinning head by turning the main motor switch on then off, to balance the sugar to prevent excessive vibration. Do not touch if hot

When you are ready to start making candy floss, ensure that the machine is plugged in and switch the button marked “HEATER” to the high position and the light up motor switch to on. After a few minutes the spinner head will heat up.

The spinner head will now be hot so be careful not to touch it, while machine in use.

As the candy floss begins to form, turn heater switch to low.
Use one of the candy floss sticks provided and turn the stick in your fingers around the outside of the floss bowl. 

When machine stops making candy floss it is because it has run out of sugar. Turn off the button marked “Main Motor” to stop the spinning head and re-fill it with sugar as before. Repeat this process as required.

When you have finished ensure that both buttons marked “Heater” and “Main Motor” are switched off and the candy floss machine is disconnected from the mains supply.

Do not attempt to clean the floss bowl or spinning head.


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