Belgian Chocolate

We only use the finest Belgian Chocolate.






Belgian chocolate fountain chocolate is pure couverture chocolate, imported directly from Belgium. It is the richest and most luxurious fountain chocolate, with the sumptuous European taste prized by connoisseurs.

We use Sephra Belgian chocolate fountain chocolate, available in Dark (62.5% cocoa solids) and Milk varieties. This is perfect for use in any chocolate fountain, baking and confections.

Sephra Belgian Chocolate: This is the best chocolate ever. It is creamy and rich in taste.  Belgian chocolate just tastes and smells better. Imported directly from Belgium. Highly recommended for wedding or events where you want to make sure everyone leaves impressed.

In 2003 Sephra created the first chocolate for chocolate fountains working with a chocolate manufacturer in Belgium, to create a pure chocolate which would flow perfectly every time in  chocolate fountains without adding vegetable oil to the chocolate, which every one was doing at the time. This  set the industry standard is now used throughout the world.
Sephra Belgian dark fountain chocolate is really semi-sweet in flavor and contains 62.5% cocoa solids. Its richness and intense chocolate taste makes it the favorite to use when dipping fruits such as strawberries in the warm melted chocolate running through the chocolate fountain.
Sephra Belgian milk chocolate for chocolate fountains is the richest milk chocolate you will ever taste.  In the chocolate fountain, the Belgian milk chocolate creates an incredible aroma which can be smelled from a great distance. Because the milk contained in the chocolate is from Europe, this chocolate has a much fuller flavor than any chocolate which is made in the USA. You will fall in love with this wonderful chocolate. Your guests will be well served when you choose any Sephra Belgian Chocolate for use in your chocolate fountain. 

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  1. g4r3th says:

    We never add oil to any of our fountains – EVER!

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