Candy Buffet


Candy buffets are a great way to have a spectacular display for a wedding or party.



A candy buffets can provide a great visual display at any wedding, which not only looks good tastes great as well . The sweets can be colour coded to match any theme. Your guests will feel like kids in a candy store as they pick out their favourites.

School Reunions

A candy buffet using retro sweets can be a real hit at a school reunion. Reminisce your youth as you tuck into forgotten treats like, wham bars, blackjacks, sherbet fountains and other blasts from the past.

Children’s Parties:

A pix and mix style buffets suits itself for children’s parties. Watch the children’s eyes light up as they see a display of all their favourites.

For those with a sweet tooth a candy buffet is must have for any special occasion or party. These buffets come in all shapes and sizes to suit all budgets.


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